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Attorney Maureen Kroll is committed to educating the community on common legal matters that affect ordinary people, every day.

Please feel free to browse selected articles that have been published in newspapers, magazines, law journals and other publications.

Bankruptcy Articles

Impending Mortgage Foreclosure and Bankruptcy

Personal Bankruptcy -- Still a Viable Option

Divorce and Bankruptcy

Child Custody Articles

Child Custody Act Changes

Child Support Guidelines 2010

Disability Articles

The ABLE Act (A New but Limited Financial Option for the Disabled)

Changes in the Medicaid Law

Divorce Articles

Spousal Social Security Benefits and Divorce

Elder Law Articles

Elder Law Institute

Resources for Elder Caregivers

Dodge These Financial Services Scams

Medicaid Long Term Care Eligibility Fact Sheet

Legal Guide for Seniors

Proper Nutrition Required for the Elderly

Nursing Home Staffing

Resident's Rights

Inspect Like a Pro - 9 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Nursing Home

The Caregiving Resource Center

Wills and Estates Articles

Estate Planning Technique - Naming a Beneficiary

The Truth About Probate & Living Trusts in Pennsylvania

Naming a Guardian for Your Children

Timely Preparation Helps Ease The Pain Of The Inevitable

Medical Malpractice Articles

Insurance Options May Vary

What Were You Thinking? Charting Rules to Keep You Legally Safe

General Articles

Memorandum to Agent Acting Under a Power of Attorny

Off-Site Articles

Rules for Nursing Home Aid Tighten (Link Courtesy Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)






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